Discussion Draft of a Directive on Online Intermediary Platforms – further discussion

11 lipca 2017

Discussion Draft of a Directive on Online Intermediary Platforms. The provisions of the Discussion Draft can be found under the following link.

Further discussion:
The BEUC general position on the Fitness check of EU consumer law: [link] The BEUC on p. 7-8 of the published position paper states inter alia: „We support the liability approach taken by the Research group on the Law of Digital Services who use the approach of the E-commerce Directive of removal and observance duties to justify a liability of the platform operator. If the consumer can rely that the platform takes responsibility for certain quality or safety criteria, the operator should be liable for damage that occurs if these quality or safety criteria are not met.

See also: First Comments by Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband (vzbv) on the Discussion draft of a Directive on Online Intermediary Platforms.

Research Group on the Law of Digital Services, Discussion Draft of a Directive on Online Intermediary Platforms, 5 (2016) Journal of European Consumer and Market Law 164-169 (Publishers: C.H.Beck, Nomos and Wolters Kluwer)
Christoph Busch (University of Osnabrück-European Legal Studies Institute), Gerhard Dannemann (Humboldt University of Berlin-Faculty of Law), Hans Schulte-Nölke (European Legal Studies Institute Osnabrueck/Radboud University Nijmegen), Aneta Wiewiórowska-Domagalska (Universität Osnabrück-European Legal Studies Institute), Fryderyk Zoll (Universität Osnabrück).

„The Discussion Draft has been elaborated by the Research Group on the Law of Digital Services, a European network of legal scholars initiated by a group of researchers from the University of Osnabrück (Germany) and the Jagiellonian University Krakow (Poland).

[Project Organizers: Christoph Busch (Osnabrück), Gerhard Dannemann (Berlin), Hans Schulte-Nölke (Osnabrück/Nijmegen), Aneta Wiewiorowska-Domagalska (Osnabrück), Fryderyk Zoll (Krakow/Osnabrück). The project has been co-financed by the Polish National Research Centre (Narodowe Centrum Nauki), No DEC-2012/04/A/ HS5/00709.]

In a first step, key regulatory issues of the platform economy were discussed at two conferences organised in Osnabrück and Krakow in November 2015 and April 2016.
[The papers presented at the Osnabrück conference in November 2015 have been published in a special issue of the Journal of European Consumer and Market Law (EuCML 1/2016). The special issue contains contributions by the Project Organizers and Alberto De Franceschi (Ferrara), Irene Kull (Tartu), Marco Loos (Amsterdam), Vanessa Mak (Tilburg), Damjan Možina (Ljubljana), Jerzy Pisulinski (Krakow), Rupprecht Podszun (Bayreuth), Juliette Sénéchal (Lille), Marie Jull Sørensen (Aalborg), Evelyne Terryn (Leuven), Christiane Wendehorst (Vienna). The Krakow conference was prepared by the following Research Team: Iwona Karasek- Wojciechowicz (Krakow) Elwira Macierzynska-Franaszczyk (Kozminski University Warsaw), Marlena Pecyna (Krakow), Dominika Rogoń (Krakow), Piotr Tereszkiewicz (Krakow), Karolina Wyrwińska (Krakow), Michał Wyrwiński (Krakow), Iwona Karwala (Krakow), Fryderyk Zoll (Krakow).]

Based on the results of the two conferences four working groups prepared drafts which were compiled by an editing team into the present Discussion Draft.

[Editing Team: Gerhard Dannemann (Berlin; Chair), Christoph Busch (Osnabrück), Alberto De Franceschi (Ferrara), Anne de Vries (Tilburg), Tina De Vries (Munich), Agniezska Jablonowska (Lodz), Iwona Karwala (Krakow), Joasia Luzak (Exeter), Agata Majchrowska (Wroclaw), Monika Namyslowska (Lodz), Rupprecht Podszun (Bayreuth), Radim Polcak (Brno), Franziska Rehr (Osnabrück), Juliette Sénéchal (Lille), Hans Schulte-Nölke (Osnabrück/Nijmegen), Marie Jull Sørensen (Aalborg), Aneta Wiewiorowska-Domagalska (Osnabrück), Fryderyk Zoll (Krakow/Osnabrück).]”