References and footnotes

  1. All the footnotes should be formatted according to the following structure:
    a) basic:
    A. Kidyba: Kodeks spółek handlowych, Kraków 2007. (colon placed after the surname, title in italics, full stop at the end of the footnote)
    b) multiple authors:
    A. Kidyba: Spółka akcyjna (in:) Nowy kodeks spółek handlowych, S. Sołtysiński (Ed.), Warszawa 2001. (in case of multiple authors the scientific editor must be indicated)
    c) journals:
    A. Kidyba: Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością, Przegląd Prawa Handlowego 2009, Issue 5, page 21. (the title of the journal, number of issue/volume, page(s))
    d) rulings, court decisions etc.
    Ruling of 25th May 2005 (name of the month should be written), signature, official publication in following format: OSN 2008, number 5, position 56.
    e) italics can only be used for foreign expressions and terms etc., titles, and expressions such us op.cit. or Ibidem;
    f) through the text quotes should be written using quotation masks, without the use of italics
    g) only bold should be used for emphasis (no italics, no underline)
    h) when a footnote contains the same publication as the previous one it is recommended to use Ibidem
    i) when a publication is referred to several times the footnote should be shorten to the title and op. cit (for example: A. Kidyba: Kodeks…, op. cit., p. 34.);
    j) footnote should include an exact page of a publication (p. 15), in case of more pages being cited all of them should be included (p. 15-19, 82-99), referencing an undefined part of the publication (p. 15 and following, or passim) is unacceptable.
  2. References should be formatted according the exemplary references (since 1/2016 issue of TPL references are published under each article)
    a) basic: surname, then first letter of the name(s), title in italics (please note, only the title should be in italics), place and date of publication, full stop:
    Zoll A.: Polskie prawo karne, Kraków 1998.
    b) multiple authors:
    Kardas P. (in:) Kodeks karny. Komentarz, A. Zoll (Ed.), Kraków 1999. (in case of multiple authors the scientific editor must be indicated) or Szpunar M.: Obowiązki informacyjne Rzecznika (in:) Myśl prawnicza. Księga pamiątkowa Profesora Maksymiliana Pazdana, L. Ogiegło, W. Popiołek, M. Szpunar (Eds), Kraków 2001.
    c) journals:
    Raglewski J.: Reforma kodeksu karnego, Czasopismo Prawa Karnego i Nauk Penalnych 1999, number 2, p. 18-27.
    d) when citing a specific article in a journal (in:) should not be used, the journal should be referenced to as follows: year, the number of the issue/volume , pages with the article (first and last page containing the article p. 142-163).
    e) references should be organized alphabetically (taking into considerations surnames of the authors), if there is more than one publication by a certain author their works should be organized chronologically, starting from the oldest publication